I was given much more personal attention than I would have had in a cookery class. We followed my agenda, what I wanted to learn. I was delighted by how supported I felt.

Dr. Henry Campion, London W4

I asked Clare to teach me knife skills. The session was great fun and I came away feeling confident and really knowledgeable. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Caroline Roberts, Wanstead

With Culinary Coaching I learned how to shop both well and economically, and how to use my time efficiently in the kitchen. Clare taught me to cook well for my guests and also encouraged me to try new recipes on my own, which I now feel confident about. Inspirational!

Alastair Mitchell, London W6

I’ve been coached by Clare several times. Her knowledge covers every aspect of food preparation and she’s fluent in cuisines from around the globe. She’s a patient and encouraging teacher who laughs easily and is passionate about ingredients and easy techniques.

Nancy Cooper, London SW3

I spent an afternoon with Clare learning things I had never even thought of: which knife to use for what purpose; how to use offcuts and left-overs so that nothing goes to waste; what to freeze and what to eat straight away. Three hours later I had enough food for six meals, half of which I froze. If you enjoy cooking but are stuck in a rut, I couldn’t recommend Clare enough.

David Thomas, Tunbridge Wells