How it works

This isn’t a conventional cookery course. It’s a relaxed and simple approach to preparing food which gives you confidence in the kitchen, whatever your level of knowledge, skill or enthusiasm.

What you get:

  • Introductory free consultation
  • You set the agenda—we do what you want to learn
  • Bespoke service in your own home
  • Advice, trouble-shooting and practical tips
  • Information on new ingredients, wine and food presentation
  • Getting the most for your money
  • Recipes provided
  • Gift vouchers available

In the initial consultation we talk about what you can cook, and what might be holding you back. You tell me your meal budget and—crucially—what time and effort you’re willing to spend in the kitchen.

The Culinary Coaching sessions are strictly hands-on. You make the dishes from start to finish, with me by your side to guide you, using professional coaching techniques to build your confidence.

Learning basic knife skills

Learning basic knife skills

A half-day session allows you to develop a particular skill or to make one or two new dishes. In a full day’s session, you can prepare that day’s evening meal for guests or family, or food for the freezer.

I provide very easy dinner party ideas and can inspire you out of your recipe rut. Or, for students on a budget—simple one-dish meal with no pot noodles, frozen mashed potatoes or tinned mince in sight!

It’s all about maximum impact for minimum effort.

I have decades of experience as both a home and professional cook. And, as a skilled coach, I can help you increase your confidence in the kitchen through support, encouragement and humour.

NEW! – Team bonding cookery sessions for up to 8 people. A mixture of The Apprentice and Masterchef - have fun cooking with your colleagues, combined with learning, and a bit of jeopardy thrown in….