Does the world need another food blog? I’m not sure. So, my challenge to myself is to try to make everything I write here straightforward, useful and reassuring to the home cook or would-be cook.

That’s my purpose in culinary coaching. If I don’t succeed, call me on it.

  • Why I started Culinary Coaching
    January 30, 2013
    happy woman looking at cameraMy culinary coaching business was inspired by my dear friend Geraldine McClelland, who died far too young. This first post is dedicated to her on the anniversary of her birthday. Gerry and I shared hundreds and hundreds of meals together over our 30-year friendship. Very few were cooked by her. She was not just a reluctant ... ...more
  • Cookery courses in southwest France
    January 22, 2013
    From my house in the Quercy Blanc area of southwest France I offer tailored cookery courses between May and September for groups of 2-3, with accommodation included if desired.  The courses are aimed at people who love France and food, and who want to learn more about the rich gastronomic tradition of this area. The course ... ...more
  • The Culinary Coach on Radio 4
    November 1, 2012
    The Culinary Coach and her partner Michael Whitehouse took over a Paris restaurant to cook English food for the highly sceptical French in this BBC Radio 4 documentary, To Paris with Parsnips.  Listen to the programme, presented by Jane Garvey from Women’s Hour, to find out whether the diners had their prejudices confirmed or overturned!   The ... ...more