About me

I believe strongly that everyone is capable of putting a good meal on the table, no matter how reluctant they are about cooking. I’m largely self-taught but I’ve also learned from watching professional cooks in their own kitchens. I’ve also done professional courses at catering colleges.

I know what mistakes people are likely to make—because I’ve made them all myself—and how to save time and money, without compromising on taste. And now I want to share it.

Clare Brigstocke

Clare Brigstocke

I decided to combine my love of cooking with my professional role of teaching leadership and management training. I’m an executive coach with a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching Practice from Middlesex University. As a cookery producer for the BBC for many years, I’ve filmed food and cooking all over the world. I’ve edited and written cookbooks, and have contributed  extensively to food magazines.

More recently, I’ve been a food consultant for television series like Rachel Khoo’s A Little Paris Kitchen on BBC2, and for Toast, the clothing and homeware company.  I also run my own catering business and I teach cooking in France – even to the French!